Production technology


This is how our rubber products are born

Our manufacturing facilities can count on over 90 state-of-the-art injection and compression moulding machines, able to mould rubber products in the widest range of sizes and weights, from the lightest to the heaviest.

Adopting the latest technologies and the possibilities offered by the Industry 4.0 concept, some of our machines can remain running 24/7, and we can guarantee quick turnaround and maximum quality.

Our moulding machines can use a range of technologies.


Compression moulding


Injection moulding

Rubber to metal


Rubber to metal co-moulding

For the manufacture of rubber gaskets with metal inserts for the water and gas sectors especially, we use the co-moulding technique. Using our high-efficiency presses and moulding machines, we manufacture rubber products with metal and plastic inserts, ensuring high quality and excellent looks.


Our equipment

Over 90 injection and compression moulding machines with a wide range of small and large platen sizes

Sandblasting machines for moulds and metal details

Metal parts treatment equipment

Coating and painting equipment for the treatment of metal or plastic parts

Hot air ovens

Mixers and extruders

The future

Industry 4.0

Our machinery meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 and takes advantage of all its benefits. Using these innovative process technologies, we can streamline manufacturing times, and ensure a fast, high quality, safe, and secure production. The very fine control on the machinery offered by our software allows us to streamline timescales, especially during the final trimming and finishing stages, and offer our clients faster turnaround times and consistent high quality.