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Our internal research, development and testing laboratory is equipped with both the instruments necessary to analyse rubber and compounds, as well as the instruments necessary to test and check the metal parts.

We test the compliance and behaviour of the materials throughout the entire production process, at reception, during production, and on the finished products, based on the specifications agreed with the customer.

Products and materials are stored in climate-controlled, safe warehouses, to prevent any changes to their physical and mechanical characteristics.

Our laboratory tests the behaviour of the materials at high and low temperatures and in all other conditions replicating the environments in which they will be used, performing specific tests as required also by the regulations of reference.

We carry out thorough physical and mechanical checks on both incoming materials and the rubber products we manufacture. All parts are marked using unique barcodes containing their order number. This allows our computerized plant system to easily and quickly track the progress of each part and the tests performed, to ensure their correct traceability.

Tests on rubber and metal materials

Sample analysis

Chemical and physical tests replicating the conditions of use

Gasket engineering

Troubleshoot sealing issues

Advice and support in choosing the best compound

Conformity check on incoming and outgoing materials

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