About us

About us

Rubber moulding company for water, gas and other industrial applications

Founded in 1981, SATTEC DBS Gomma specialises in the manufacture of high-technology rubber and rubber-metal products.

As a result of constant research, and using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, we manufacture rubber gaskets and seals for water and gas applications, as well as technical rubber products made to customer’s design and following our customers’ specifications for a wide range of industries, including the mechanical engineering, textile and food sectors.

years since our foundation
state-of-the-art moulding machines
m² of production facilities
specialised personnel



rubber to metal bonding

on order and on customer specifications

Product and compound qualification R&D


Our history


The beginnings

SATTEC DBS Gomma was created in 1981 and was directed by husband-and-wife team Sergio Della Barbara and Gigliola Camilot, both awarded with the title Cavaliere del lavoro, based in a Venetian villa located in the town of Prata di Pordenone, in the North East of Italy.

Dedicated to the manufacture of rubber products, the first orders came for the widest range of sectors, including lawn mowers, brushcutters and garden tractors, as well as brakes for roller skates, heels and flexes for ski boots, and other sporting equipment.



Specializing in rubber-metal bonding, we acquired new customers, and we started to manufacture pumps for marble and granite cutting machines, sealing rings for cast iron pipes, as well as components for domestic appliances and the photographic industry.

In 1984 we expanded our business to Germany, where we found a specialised niche in the water sector.


SATTEC DBS Gomma today

After the untimely death of our founders, the company is now managed by their daughter Giovanna and son Andrea, who are working tirelessly towards its growth.

The Management promotes an agile and efficient company, working to create a lasting partnership with our customers and our suppliers.


The stages of our history


First location in the Venetian villa “Brunetta” in Prata di Pordenone


Relocation to the current site Sattec 1, extending over 3,500 m²

1998 - 2006

Foundation of DBS Gomma in Spilimbergo

2005 - 2007

Purchase of the Sattec 3 site, extending over 2,200 m²


Closure of DBS Gomma in Spilimbergo and relocation of the machinery to Prata at our main facilities


Purchase of the Sattec 2 site, extending over 2,000 m²


SOCLA Development Award Winners


Purchase of the Sattec 4 site, extending over 3,300 m², and reorganization of the plants for streamlining material flows


Development of Project 4.0


SATTEC DBS Gomma celebrates its 40th anniversary (1981-2021)


Our network

Our active membership to the associations of reference for our sector allows us to remain abreast of new technologies, while our participation to technical committees allows us to play an integral part in the discussion on regulations in the field of drinking water and gas.


We are members of DVGW, the German Association for Water and Gas


We are supporting members of the European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems


Members of the Rubber Plastic Federation


We participate in the campaign that promotes the use of ductile iron in pipes and fittings

Our certifications

Our compounds and materials are certified and approved to a number of regulations for water, gas and industrial applications.

The territory

Our commitment
to social issues

Close ties with our customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators have enabled us to create an active community around our company and a strong bond with our local region.

For this reason, we promote local activities, we sponsor sports teams, we offer our support to charities and volunteer organizations, such as the local Civil Protection, as well as other initiatives dedicated to the safeguard our local artistic heritage.