The Control and R&D Laboratory is equipped with traditional instruments for the rubber industry as well as all the necessary instruments to control the metal parts. The laboratory runs all the physical and mechanical checks on the incoming materials and the outgoing products.


The Laboratory can check the behavior of the materials at high or low temperatures or under special conditions, running specific tests also in accordance with the provisions of the applicable standards.


The mixtures are studied and designed in our laboratory with the various types of elastomers and in compliance with national and international specifications as regards the production technologies and in accordance with the Customers’ implicit and explicit requirements.


The black or colored mixtures available can be made with any type of elastomers, i.e. EPDM, NBR, XNBR, SBR, CR, SILICON, FKM, CLOROPRENE, SBR, VITON.


They can be used for the manufacture of products intended for applications in the civil and industrial appliance sector, and they are homologated and certified for uses in the food and medical sectors.


In the water and gas sector, the mixtures available are homologated and certified by the various international institutes (DVGW, TZW, TGM-VAKU, WRASS, KIWA, ACS e BELGAQUA) in accordance with standards KTW, W270, WRAS, ACS…