production plants

The production department is organised and structured to accommodate a wide variety of requirements with the maximum flexibility:
it is able to manufacture from small to big pieces, any dimension, and weight of parts can be of few grams up to 70 Kg.


The production department contains latest generation plants and equipment, which were also designed and produced to achieve maximum output, the best levels of reliability and to ensure maximum continuity of repeatability and reproducibility.


In addition to the high technology developed in the rubber moulding with the use of any type of elastomere, the company has always paid special attention to the use of metal parts to make its products and consequently developed high levels of technology in the use of special steels, in their processing and treatment. Company strength is a great experience in the process of joint of rubber and metal inserts, metals used are pig iron, brass and steel. It is also possible the joint of thermoplastic materials.

Overall, the main plants consist of:


  • Injection and compression presses with small and large planes
  • Sandblasting machines for moulds and metal parts
  • Plants for the treatment of metal parts
  • Painting plants for the treatment of metal or plastic parts
  • Hot air furnaces
  • Mixers and extruders